Sizmek (NASDAQ: SZMK), an open ad management company for multi-screen campaigns, today announced a partnership with Tapad to integrate its cross-device solution into the Sizmek MDX platform.

Selected after a thorough evaluation of market-leading companies, Tapad’s expertise will enhance Sizmek’s ability to help clients connect with consumers across all devices and measure which parts of their campaign are driving the best results. Following the announcement with cross-device solution Screen6, the Tapad partnership will further extend Sizmek’s cross-device reach with increased coverage in North America and EMEA regions.

Tapad’s solution is rooted in The Device Graph, their proprietary technology confirmed by Nielsen to be 91.2 percent accurate in identifying related devices. This partnership will enhance Sizmek’s programmatic capabilities by addressing targeting and measurement in a unified way, and provide more accurate attribution and better frequency control with an all-inclusive view of the user.

“Increasing audience fragmentation has made it more difficult to effectively deliver the right message across multiple devices in a way that’s relevant to a specific user,” said Alex White, VP of Product Strategy at Sizmek.

“Through the integration of Tapad’s technology, Sizmek enhances its leadership role in omni-channel ad management in key geographical areas for our customers, which enables them to more efficiently deliver and better monetise campaigns.”

Sizmek’s enhanced cross-device offering will also facilitate one of its other, key capabilities—dynamic creative optimisation, which allows advertisers to deliver unique ads to each consumer in real-time and engage them more effectively. Tapad’s integration will enable this optimisation at a global scale, regardless of the device a person is using.

“Sizmek’s open, end-to-end methodology not only brings together the best innovations on one platform, it fosters choice, empowering clients to interconnect the capabilities that best serve their strategies,” said Neil Nguyen, president and CEO, Sizmek.

“Coupling Tapad’s cross-device solution with other, myriad innovations within Sizmek MDX means clients will more effectively connect with consumers everywhere they are, and execute substantially more powerful campaigns.“

“Having access to a scalable, effective and privacy-safe cross-screen solution is a marketing imperative today,” said Are Traasdahl, Founder and CEO of Tapad. “By introducing Tapad’s technology into their open platform, Sizmek is meeting this critical demand with a solution that provides optimal returns.”