Distributors of video advertising appear to be at their wits’ end with ad blockers – growing so irate that they’ve embraced technology to help their inventory get seen regardless.

Teads, which serves video ads on the likes of Forbes, The Telegraph, Le Monde, Die Welt and La Republica among others, has partnered with Secret Media to have its inRead and inBoard formats sidestep the advances of ad blockers.

Action is being taken after fruitless talks with Eyeo, the makers of Europe’s most-popular ad blocking title (AdBlock Plus), which maintains a strict policy on video inventory.

“We have been talking to Eyeo who admitted that our native video advertising formats offer a much better user experience than non-skippable pre-roll ads, but their guidelines do not accept any video ads at all,” states Pierre Chappaz, Teads’ executive chairman. 

“I must say that their vision of the Internet is rather obsolete considering video is a huge part of where the media industry is heading.”

Under the radar

According to Teads, Secret Media’s tech makes it “virtually impossible” for ad blockers to identify and therefore halt its ads from being seen. 

The latter, based on New York but with presence in France, offers to help publishers with premium content “deal” with ad blocking through a Polymorphic Encryption Algorithm. 

Other users of the patent-pending algorithm include designers of computer viruses, who leverage a similar technique to hide their software from scanners.

Interestingly, comments from Secret Media CEO Frederic Montagnon touch on the company’s ability to recoup some of the damage already done by ad blockers, as opposed to protecting them from what might be around the corner.

“We are happy to support Teads and help advertisers gain additional audience reach, while empowering publishers to regain revenue.”

The news follows action of a similar kind by video delivery platform Brightcove, which recently announced the availability of an in-house system for ensuring its ads could be stitched into content streams, making them harder to block.