A ranking of the best 30 affiliate marketing agencies in the US has placed Florida-based Experience Advertising at the top of the leaderboard in November 2015.  

Collated by topseos, an independent authority on online advertising vendors, the ranking takes into account five umbrella categories – taking into account access to a varied network of publishers and affiliates, adequate affiliate link implementation & tracking, monitoring, reporting and optimisation.

With a headcount of 10, and major clients including Vitalicious, TheNerds and Phone.com, Experience Advertising scored 100 across the board in these categories, and has maintained its top spot for several months in a row.

Further leaders included the much larger SEO specialist Leapfrog Online, founded in 1997 with annual turnover of between $1-3 million, and MarketIQ: Strategies That Click, of a similar scale to Experience with a yearly total revenue between $250,000 – $1 million.

A personal service

Evan Weber, CEO of Experience Advertising was honoured to receive the accolade, commenting on the effort put into front-end outreach, affiliate recruitment, quality of affiliate messaging and 24/7 affiliate support.

“It’s harder and more work to do it like we do it, but we believe it’s more effective at growing an affiliate program and worth the time and effort,” adds Weber.

Basing the evaluation of market research and industry trends, topseos also contacts a ‘minimum’ of three customer referrals of competing services before drawing its results.

Just three companies made the list with an annual turnover exceeding $10 million, which included the more familiar names of iCrossing (14), AffiliateTraction (26) and FutureAds (28).

Weber concludes that Experience Advertising’s success comes from its efforts into affiliate research and resulting personalised outreach, suggesting that other OPMs and agencies aren’t active in these areas to the same capacity.

This may go some way to explaining the absence of larger affiliate organisations on the list, which could be feeling the pressure of being able to provide a similarly tailored service to clients.

“You won’t find any other affiliate agency or OPM doing this anywhere near to the extent we do, if at all. They rely on what affiliate networks can bring them, which is most instances isn’t enough to grow the channel properly and meet client expectations,” says Weber.