Readers of an attentive disposition will note the presence of a new item on the PerformanceIN toolbar. One click to ‘Profile Hub’ reveals an entirely new area of the site and we couldn’t be more excited about what’s packed within. 

The hub allows PerformanceIN users to find and connect with the best provider of performance marketing-related services based on their specific needs. 

A keyword search for ‘e-commerce’, for instance, could see users directed to Profile Hub listee eBay Enterprise, where they can glean details about the company, what they do, in addition to content produced by and referencing them. 

It would appear like we’re packing a lot into the profiles – catering for a number of different needs – so let us take you through a typical visit. 

Basic info

Upon clicking to the Profile Hub, there are two options: to search for a company or choose from the selection below. We’ll go through Affiliate Window’s Premium page as an example of the sorts of things you can learn.

Every profile will display some of the most basic details about a company so you’re sure about their core offering. As you’ll see below, that extends to the location of their HQ, employee count and areas of specialism. 

Clicking on the profile brings up a more in-depth view of the company, including a short description of the services they offer.

If you’re interested in their work then feel free to use the contact details listed on their page to get in touch. Alternatively, you can follow the company on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to keep tabs on their future movements. 


Another feature of the Hub is its ability to curate content from around relative to the profile you’re viewing. 

You’ll notice that a click to Affiliate Window’s page brings up a piece written by the group’s head of business intelligence, Matt Swan, under the Related Articles header.

We also have tagging in place to ensure that each company is serving a useful stream of content to users of the Hub. Related Articles is the collection of pieces which make specific reference to the company in question, along with any sponsored and non-sponsored content they’ve contributed or contributed to. 

Profile owners can add to their content stream by uploading whitepapers and case studies, which makes it even easier to see how their approaches have yielded results.

Getting involved 

The Profile Hub has its first sign-ups and, reflective of performance marketing as a whole, brings together companies across a range of disciplines.  

Currently listed on the Hub are our Premium Partners: Affiliate Window, eBay Enterprise and zanox. 

We also have an Associate Partner, Uniqodo, and Introductory Partners in JVWEB and Kwanko, but we’ll be adding more members to the Hub in the very near future

Aside from giving the Hub a test yourself, for more information on profile packages and to bag yourself a free listing, please click here