PRESS RELEASE PARIS, OCTOBER 21, 2015 NEW FOCUS ON THE UK MARKET FOR THE KWANKO GROUP Kwanko, a French group specialized in the management of cross device advertising campaigns, strengthens its activities on the UK market. 2015: A year of international expansion Present in 18 countries, Kwanko has developed an extensive network of more than 170 000 publishers and 1 700 campaigns around the world. Over 60% of Kwanko’s turnover is derived from international businesses. The Group’s continuous growth strategy has allowed for the opening of various subsidiaries among which Kwanko Spain (Madrid), Kwanko Portugal (Lisbon), Kwanko Brasil (Sao Paulo) and Kwanko Polska (Warsaw). Following these openings, Kwanko has opened three new offices in key strategic markets: Germany (Hamburg), Italy (Milano) and Belgium (Brussels). “The International expansion has been at the heart of our Group’s strategy and has been made possible by the good financial health of the Group and our strong growth» says Alexandre Da Silva, International Director of Kwanko. “The UK is a key market in which we rely to introduce our innovative services. Strengthening our activity on this market appeared obvious as s this will allow us to get closer to our partners and build long-term partnerships”. An expert in e-marketing to drive the UK strategy A new Business Developper for the UK has been appointed to lead the development of Kwanko’s activities in this market. He will be responsible for heading the production (customer and publisher relationship, support) as well as boosting the sales of all the product lines. Alexander Wechsel – Business Developper UK Alexander joined Kwanko in August 2011 as a Business Developer. His main responsability was to identify key development leverages for the German market. He has since been appointed Country Manager and opened the offices in Hamburg. He has been leading a team of 6 until July this year and has now changed markets in order to further develop the business in the UK. About Kwanko Founded in 2003 by François Bieber and Kevin Hatry, Kwanko is a French group specialized in the management of online multichannel advertising campaigns and present in 17 countries in Europe and on the American continent.Kwanko’s aim is to connect advertisers that want to increase their visibility and turnover with publishers that want to increase the profitability of their advertising spaces.Kwanko’s mission is simple: create made-to-measure, targeted online campaigns that reach the right people at the right time and generate profits. The Kwanko Group also includes two other key platforms: • NETAFFILIATION – Created in 2003, NetAffiliation is a leading European affiliate marketing platform. It provides its advertisers access to a network of 170,000 publishers’ sites ready to relay their online campaigns across the world. • SWELEN – Swelen is a specialist in the development of mobile advertising technology with an advertising Marketplace built on years of R&D. Based on collective intelligence algorithms, Swelen technology helps optimize the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. About EmailBidding EmailBidding is an advertising platform developed and run by the Wondeotec company created to fight for transparency in email marketing. This revolutionary platform was launched in 2013 and offers brands access to Premium databases and millions of segmented addresses throughout the world. Press contact: The SHADOW Communication Agency Sarah AOUN – +33 (0)6 28 40 66 54 –