Digital marketers might be relieved to hear that they still have time to influence last-minute holiday travel bookings in 2015.

This assertion is based on research by US travel analytics company ADARA, which reveals many customers, including families, are still in planning and pre-purchase mode until the ‘eleventh hour’.

Based on its data of over 90 global travel brands, ADARA found that in 2014, only half of all flights were booked by November 17.

Hotels were left even longer, with half of all stays booked after December 14.

The findings indicate that marketers can expect a healthy amount of bookings to be left to the last minute in 2015, meaning there is plenty of opportunity to engage audiences before the year’s out, comments ADARA president of media, Elizabeth Harz.

“According to the data, the sweet spot for suppliers to target holiday travelers is during the flight search window, which is fast approaching, between November 17 and December 14.

“By getting their message and offers in front of potential travelers today, marketers can help drive consideration and bookings during this critical time period for holiday travel.”

Family travel

The report identified variances across traveler segments, with families the most likely to make advanced purchases to avoid high air fares, paying for flights nearly 70 days in advance.

Solo travelers, on the other hand, average just 30.

However, when it comes to hotels, half of families in 2014 left booking until only a week in advance, implying that this segment are searching for last-minute deals at their destination.

With over 60% of international flights lasting two to three weeks, travelers are spending more time planning and researching the best flight and hotel deals, satisfying both their expectations of destination and budget allowance, says the report, providing a ‘significant opportunity’ to marketers to convert bookers through targeted and relevant offers.