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Poll: Will Ad Blockers Shift the Pressure on Organic Marketing ?

Poll: Will Ad Blockers Shift the Pressure on Organic Marketing ?


Following the completion of our last poll, showing that 48% of you predict ad blockers to represent an even greater threat to the ad industry in 2020, we're looking to veer down a slightly different route with the next question.

With many forms of paid media becoming victim to ad-blocking tools and their rising user numbers, PerformanceIN would like to ask you - the reader - whether non-paid, "organic" methods of customer acquisition may gain more of a spot in the limelight.

Consider the limited impact ad blockers have had on SEO, content marketing and regular posting on social networks in providing an answer to...

Will ad blockers supercharge our love for organic marketing?


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Richard Towey

Richard Towey

Richard is a former head of content at PerformanceIN. After many years spent covering developments from the automotive, sports, travel and finance sectors, he eventually turned his full attention to reporting on stories from the fast-evolving world of digital marketing. 

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