Our first poll of ad-blocker week has been closed and the results are now in.

In providing an end to the sentence ‘In 2020, I would predict ad blockers to represent…’, 48% of you voted in favour of ‘A greater concern than now’ – hinting that any issues the ad industry has with these tools may not be about to go away.  

A sizeable 32% placed a vote for ‘Less of a concern than now’, leaving 20% to predict ad blockers to represent the same level of threat.

Richard Towey, head of content at PerformanceIN, said: “The consensus among our readers that ad blockers will pose even more of a threat to the flow of spend into the various marketing channels is of little surprise.

“We’ve seen the press coverage around these tools explode over the last few months, with analysts predicting billions of pounds in losses to some of the publishers involved. All the while, there is this notion that people who are happy to use ad blockers are unlikely to uninstall them, meaning those figures of adoption can only grow.”

The result follows the conclusion of one of our first guest pieces during ad-blocker week at PerformanceIN (September 28 – October 2), which urged sections of the advertising industry to ‘get better’ at producing formats which don’t get on the wrong side of the consumer.

While a timescale for this change remains hard to come by, the chances of a turnaround by 2020 seems unlikely.