Skin-based advertising company Sublime Skinz launches revolutionary engaging, scalable ad format that allows brands to create personalised micro-sites as part of a webpage takeover Sublime Skinz, a leading ad tech company specialising in the distribution and optimisation of skin-based advertising, has today announced the launch of a new ad format – Interactive Skinz.

The innovative format allows brands to turn page takeovers into personalised micro-sites that complement rather than intrude on the user experience, to maximise ROI for both advertisers and publishers. Interactive Skinz brings together an array of rich content including video, images, product descriptions, and geo-localised modules.

The banner section – featured at the top of the page takeover – includes links and tabs that allow the user to explore the advertised brand within the advert itself. Sublime Skinz can tailor every element of the ad format to meet each brand’s specific needs as well as offering pre-designed packages that can be completed and implemented within hours. The format enables brands to recapture the attention of ad-blind consumers with high-impact, dynamic content that encourages interaction. Viewers can activate sound to watch video clips, click through to external pages or engage with multi-channel campaigns via social media.

“Interactive Skinz is an innovation that will help brands break through ad-blindness and provide consumers with a truly immersive experience,” commented Lisa Menaldo, UK Managing Director of Sublime Skinz. “The variety of rich media options enable brands to create a powerful, individual presence without detracting from the user’s enjoyment of the web page. The engaging format reclaims user attention and drives greater interaction, increasing brand uplift and ROI, as well as improving publisher revenues through skin-based advertising.”