They’ve been called the “slow death of the web”; the causer of a “bloodbath of independent media”; the mechanism behind billions of pounds/dollars/Euros in lost ad spend worldwide. 

Other, more flattering attributes include a page-load time enhancer, the gateway to a simplified web and protector from all the “creepy” ad serving from networks. 

Now, they’re set to get their very own week in the spotlight. 

Every corner of the advertising industry has developed a view on ad blockers and performance groups should certainly be getting their own voices heard.

In a first for PerformanceIN, we’ll be giving them five days to do so. 

September 28 – October 2 will see this very site lay the red carpet out for ad-blocker week: a five-day festival of news, views and tool reviews centered around one of the most controversial technologies going.

We’ll be talking to those at the very centre of the debate, chatting to industry bodies, ad tech groups, publishers as well as gauging the opinions of the very people behind the products; seeing how they feel about throwing a spanner into the machine that churns an estimated $600 billion in ad spend every year.

Coverage of ad blockers is at an all-time high and we feel there is probably no better time than now for you – the reader – to have your say. To start, what we’re interested to hear is whether ad blockers will represent something of a fad, or if they have the legs beyond being a ‘hot topic for 2015’.

In 2020, I predict ad blockers to represent…