Havas Group is making a charge into new territories through the launch of a new specialist unit, Ecselis, which provides the agency’s clients with a deep performance offering.

Ecselis’s operations will span return-driven channels such as paid search, SEO, performance display, conversion rate optimisation (CRO), affiliate marketing and dynamic creative optimisation, delivered by a team of over 60 employees.

The new outfit will be headed up by Ian Thomson, taking the role of head of Ecselis UK, who is joined by Tom Johnson, head of product & development and Suzie Rafla, head of performance operations.

Revolutionising performance

A statement announcing the launch of Ecselis clarifies the demand from clients for performance-based solutions across a range of fields.

Advertisers such as AMEX and Three Mobile have already trialled Havas’s performance offerings through recent campaigns with arena media, the group’s consulting arm.  

The press statement added that Ecselis is also keen to deviate from thinking about channel-by-channel efficiencies and onto helping businesses realise specific goals, from paid media or otherwise.

“Ecselis will tackle the two biggest challenges in performance right now: being channel agnostic and ensuring that message and medium are fully intertwined,” commented Paul Frampton, group managing director of Havas Media Group UK.

“In this real-time era, our clients require specialist expertise across their digital performance channels and I believe that Ecselis will revolutionise performance practices and enable clients to achieve, if not exceed, their business goals.”

The new unit is already supported by a global network of 320 staff across 38 markets following a foundation-building effort in 2014.