Inspired by Upfront TV, launches game-changing video advertising interface to enable publishers to promote offerings to buyers – the leading European programmatic video private exchange software provider – today announces a reinvention of the programmatic video landscape with the launch of its disruptive promotional tool for publishers, StickyDirect. StickyDirect utilises programmatic direct to enable publishers to promote their offerings and media packages to buyers. It provides buying intelligence and an engaging interface on which media buyers can easily find product offerings, without the need to scrutinise lists of unappealing URLs. StickyDirect can be likened to the aisle end-cap at a supermarket where publishers showcase their promotions, and buyers can easily view what is available. This unique product benefits publishers by giving them ownership of their video offerings. It empowers them to translate the traditional media kit into programmatic, demonstrate value and context more effectively to potential buyers, and promote real-time updates about their video offerings before they are sold through Demand Side Platforms (DSPs). Importantly, StickyDirect enables publishers and buyers to speak the same language – disintermediating the market and assisting negotiations – altering the global programmatic video landscape by reintroducing clarity and the value of media. developed the tool as a response to the growing importance of programmatic direct, which equates to around a quarter of digital advertising spend in the UK and is expected to see continued growth. “Programmatic direct offers the best of two worlds – the efficiencies of programmatic advertising, combined with more traditional direct sales relations between publisher and buyer,” commented Hervé Brunet,’s CEO & Co-founder. “The concept of StickyDirect was inspired by the US practice of Upfront TV, which sees TV broadcasters market and promote their video offerings in designated biannual marketing events. StickyDirect utilises the same concept for programmatic direct advertising, but is available year-round via an engaging interface. This is an incredibly powerful tool and we believe that StickyDirect will help restore transparency and the value of media to the market, while simplifying processes for publishers and buyers.”