The organisers behind Performance Marketing Insights barely take a collective breath between the close of one show and the full-scale planning of the next.

Backed by PerformanceIN’s own knowledge as an industry publisher and a broad demographic of industry experts making up the PMI Advisory Board, the new-for-2015 agenda promises to be a cut above the rest.

With this in mind, we caught up with a few of our agenda consultants to find out what they are anticipating from the Capture, Cultivate and Create tracks landing at Westminster Park Plaza in October.

Dynamic, fresh ideas

For digital and technology entrepreneur Sri Sharma, performance marketing is all about being at the ‘cutting edge’ of digital and ways to drive profitable revenue online.

Sharma expects the agenda to deliver “dynamic, fresh ideas, practical how-to sessions and both engaging and entertaining presentations”.

Practicality is also on the radar for Rough Agenda founder Kelvin Newman, who is keeping an eye open for the kind of advice you can ‘take back to the office’ and apply instantly.

A ‘key highlight’ for Vouchercloud’s Chris Johnson is hearing about the latest tech adoptions within the market, while getting a firm grip on the direction the industry is heading.

“It’s also good to hear from experts what they think the big trends will be over the next 12 months, but importantly why they believe this will happen,” he comments.

Diving deeper

From attribution to analytics, personalisation to programmatic, and CPM to SEO, the industry has offered up talking points in abundance throughout the last year.  

Thomas Cook Airlines’ Helen Atkinson understandably is on the search for presentations that tackle some of the big issues surrounding advertisers in the space.

“Performance marketing for both brand awareness and in terms of fitting into the wider marketing mix is something I’m always keen to hear more on, as well as cross-market performance marketing and the experiences that different brands encounter,” she comments.

“Finally, programmatic as part of the performance channel is increasingly being discussed, so I’m looking forward to seeing if anyone delves deeper into this topic.”

Innovations in real-time bidding also feature on the list of James Collins, from Rakuten Marketing, especially in a period where we are “finally approaching a time where digital marketing really can put the right message in front of the right person at the right time”.

Collins also seeks a ‘back to basics’ feel in the renewed agenda, especially in the affiliate space, which can still be viewed in the context of what it was a few years ago.

“I think from an affiliate channel point of view, we need to see something that is fundamentally different in terms of either technical innovation or approach,” agrees Affiliate Window’s Anthony Clement.

Industry challenges

One topic that Kaizen’s Pete Campbell is looking to hear more about is how marketers can ‘tackle or embrace’ a continued push to reduce organic visibility for brands.

While on the mobile front, Emirate’s Anna Checa asks what KPIs app marketers should be looking at, and how innovative uses of beacons, geolocation and APIs can reinvigorate this sector.

However, it’s the challenge of attribution that’s striking a chord with our Advisory Board.

“After three or more years talking about attribution models, which companies are currently doing a good job on attributing revenue per channels?” asks Checha.

The full agenda will land for Performance Marketing Insights: London in early September.