Launched in early 2015, VoucherBin is an advanced online voucher codes search engine, built using automation & machine learning algorithms with the goal of improving the end user/consumer experience through valid and working coupons.

The group is under the spotlight as part of this week’s company profile at PerformanceIN. 

Can you provide us with an overview of VoucherBin and what it offers to users?

Swapnil K, marketing analyst: Based on our internal research, only 30% (on average) of voucher codes available on voucher sites in the UK actually work.

We built an automated algorithm which uses machine learning and various other signals to address this problem. We combine that with big data and social and emotional intelligence to improve the usability and user experience of voucher code users. 

Since starting out, voucher codes offered by VoucherBin have shown increased validity rates, lifting from a base point of 45% and up to the current average of 69%.

The voucher space is highly competitive. What do you feel gives VoucherBin the edge over some of the other sites?

While several voucher sites depend on automation (using data feeds) or manual voucher code updates, our machine learning algorithm is fast, scalable and highly adaptable, which allows us to compete.

What does this mean for advertisers?

Working with VoucherBin as an affiliate partner means that the respective advertiser/vendor would experience more targeted (read-to-buy) customers, new customers, reduced customer acquisition costs and increased average order values.

More repeat customers, due to the increased return user base, is also offered, along with increased reach and user satisfaction.

What are you working on at the moment?

We’re currently working on the VoucherBin mobile app. While we’re still yet to share a release date for that, we are very excited to bring our technology out to the mobile user community in the UK.

Besides that, we’ve been working on negotiating high value exclusives with several of our merchants and vendors in an effort to give the best “bang for the buck” to our users.