The PMI: London agenda team is delighted to confirm that Dave Coplin, Microsoft UK’s chief envisioning officer, will be the keynote presenter on day one of the event.

Serving as an author, speaker and thought-leader, Dave’s words of wisdom on subjects such as the future workplace and big data have sought much critical acclaim, adding to his status as an influencer in the tech world.   

His latest book, ‘The Rise of the Humans’, provides a call to action for both individuals and organisations to harness, not hate, the digital deluge; to rise up and take back control of the potential that technology offers our society. 

Dave’s straight-edged approach to public speaking adds another string to an impressive bow – his presentations never failing to draw, entertain and educate a crowd.  

Inspirational figures

In nearly 10 years at Microsoft, Dave has graduated from various strategic and ambassadorial roles on his way to becoming a chief evangelist at one of the biggest companies in the world. 

He will be hoping to feed a wealth of experience and knowledge into what’s expected to be a highlight of October’s premier performance marketing conference.  

Previous keynotes at the event have included Greg Nugent, director of brand, marketing and culture for the London Olympics and Paralympics in 2012, while last year saw appearances from professional poker player-turned business expert Caspar Berry and Virgin Group’s ex-global head of online marketing, Alex Hunter.

Dave will be revealing the focus of his session in the coming weeks, with all updates coming via our agenda page