Our weekly round-up of the most popular articles from this very site aims to bring you a top-level overview of recent happenings in the rapidly changing world of performance marketing. Here are your top five for the week commencing July 27. 

EU Discount Affiliate CupoNation Announces Purchase of Rival, Imbull

Huge news came out of the European affiliate space this week as Rocket Internet, through its CupoNation discount property, announced yet another big purchase. Its latest transaction came in the form of Imbull, which runs global voucher site Flipit among other properties. With assets to burn, what will the company do next?

Meet Your New Marketing Team: Data Scientists, Journalists and Software Developers

As our enterprises look to become increasingly data-based, CAKE’s Erik Charles looked into how the marketing squad of the future could shape up. 

The myThings Route to Dealing with Data in Retargeting

Speaking of data, a new case study looked into how programmatic ad group myThings tackled the challenge of organising 20 terabytes of data per day for use in future campaigns. The study comes complete with methodology into how, with help from EXASOL, the impossible was achieved.

Navigating Affiliate Tenancy Deals

If you’re looking to incorporate tenancy deals into your affiliate strategy, look no further than Farhad Rizwan’s piece on how that’s done.

Death of the Yellow Pages: Has Digital Claimed Another Traditional Marketing Casualty?

Yell et.al, we hardly knew ye. With digital technology offering a much cheaper and more efficient proposition to former investors of directory ad space, Alex Jones (Zazzle Media) looked into whether the Yellow Pages really is facing an uncertain future. 

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