Advertisers would be wise to jump at the opportunity posed by mobile technology despite its flaws, says AdRoll MD for EMEA Michael Bertaut. 

Speaking in an interview for the Business Debate, centered mainly on retargeting, Bertaut touched upon the rapid rise of mobile technology for web browsing and how things shape up for businesses wanting to get involved.

“If you think back even five years ago, the number of us who used smartphones was insignificant,” he told interviewer Serena Cowdy. 
“Today, there is an enormous opportunity in regards to mobile out there, and I think that online advertisers need to be aware that it’s not a perfect technology – as is no technology – but there’s certainly an opportunity to reach people interested in a brand through cross-device.”

Analysts have previously come out to denounce tablet as a truly ‘mobile device’. Bertaut on the other hand, of retargeting platform AdRoll, offers a conflicting opinion in regards to the tablet’s status.

“Mobile, for us, is not just the smartphone but often the tablet. You might be using your tablet while watching the television – in effect, that’s a mobile technology.”

The full interview can be viewed below.