UK discount publisher vouchercloud has made tweaks to its iOS app that include full compatibility with the Apple Watch.

The changes mean that vouchercloud users can now receive and redeem offers straight from their smartwatch as opposed to digging into their pocket to do the same on iPhone. 

Greg Le Tocq, co-founder of the now vodafone-owned vouchercloud, tells PerformanceIN that being on board with the Apple Watch was imperative for a company like his own, operating in an industry that has a long track record in adapting to change. 

“The performance marketing sector has been an early adopter of every new form of technology that has emerged over the years and there is no reason why this should be any different for the wearables industry,” he commented.

While Apple has not disclosed figures for revenue or shipments for the Apple Watch, it holds presence in the group’s ‘other’ product category – a section whose quarter-on-quarter revenue grew 56% during Q3 to $2.6 billion, just after the device was launched.

Watch-friendly options

The $2.6 billion figure came from a Q3 earnings call by Apple CEO Tim Cook, who also revealed that over 8,500 Apple Watch apps are available to users, including one from vouchercloud.

Features of the group’s new iOS for smartwatch app include voice search for discounts and a regular search option for discovering nearby retailers – a tweak the group believes is ideal for in-store use. 

Adding to this, if ever a user wants to switch between their iPhone and the Watch – essentially continue a browsing experience but on a different device  - the new app supports the demand for “handoffs” between technology.

Le Tocq, viewing this as a huge step for app and group, adds: “Wearable technology is clearly one of the biggest future lifestyle trends and we feel it is important that modern marketing-driven organisations such as vouchercloud ensure that we are doing all that we can to cater for this need.”

The story so far

Although Apple Watch remains in its relative infancy following an April launch, businesses like vouchercloud are already getting to grips with its functionality and seeing how they can reach consumers on the move.

The Watch launched with around 3,000 compatible apps, but has added 5,500 new titles since being introduced.

Cook says that communication-based programs like Twitter, Line and WeChat are proving popular among users. However, numerous outlets have picked up on the absence of established mobile apps such as Facebook and Snapchat, whose decision not to launch on Apple Watch has created murmurs over its future in the eyes of big tech firms.

Retailers on the other hand appear to be welcoming the technology with open arms. Groups such as ASOS, Amazon and Marks & Spencer all have titles for the Watch, adding to US-based companies such as Target and JC Penney. 

The 38mm or 42mm screen options may not seem ideal for shopping experiences, yet further backing from big-name retailers and another strong quarter for sales might go some well to silencing the early doubters. 

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