It’s no secret that Berlin is a thriving tech hub; a cultural mix of music, art, nightlife and relatively low costs of living has made the city a prime environment for young creators and innovation.

Behind some of these fledgling businesses are start-up incubators, which give companies a ‘leg-up’ into the market, providing office space, training and the chance for collaboration among like-minded entrepreneurs.

One such incubator specialises in performance marketing and e-commerce. Project A Ventures pledges to support new companies in developing and accelerating models for transactional business on the internet.

This ‘Ones to Watch’ is a choice selection by Project A; a showcase of the Germany-based start-ups it has worked with and believes are set to make strides within the ad tech industry.




  • Founded: October 2012
  • By: Trent Lloyd. Kristina Prokop, Kevin Tan
  • Investment: Series A

Eyeota serves advertisers in Europe and the APAC region as a source of third-party audience data.

Knowing about the importance of RTB-based advertising, Eyeota enables fast reactions to specifically requested customer groups, using three major data criteria: socio-demographics, purchase intent and category interest.

The Eyeota marketplace is derived from the best accredited data and research platforms worldwide, making regional and niche audience data accessible.

Find them on Twitter: @EyeotaTweets




  • Founded: 2010
  • By: Kasper Skou, Thomas Rask Thomsen
  • Investment: Venture Round

Semasio is the company that created the first semantic behavioural targeting approach.

Semasio enables media agencies, publishers and advertisers to define individual target groups and efficiently address them online – via programmatic advertising – with guaranteed full transparency and, if requested, complete data ownership.

Semasio GmbH is located in Hamburg and was founded in November 2010 by CEO Kasper Skou and CTO Thomas Rask Thomsen.

Find them on Twitter: @SemasioGmbH




  • Founded: July 2013
  • By: Tim Wegner, Alexander Köth
  • Investment: Seed

Minodes is a comprehensive retail analytics SaaS solution that connects and analyses a variety of technology and data sources to increase retail sales performance and sustainably improve the customer’s shopping experience.

Retailers may use the platform in various ways. For example. to measure, analyse and optimise marketing campaigns and shop window designs or to develop targeted, location-based marketing activities.

In an omnichannel approach, retailers can retarget customers on their mobile devices as well as on digital out of home screens. At the point of sale, Minodes enables retailers to trigger purchases by direct marketing based on iBeacons.

Find them on Twitter: @minodes