Shortlist Media has announced a long-term partnership with TAN Media to deliver highly engaging native advertising for its brands, and Shortlist Media has selected native advertising specialist TAN Media with a view to delivering more engaging, content-led digital advertising that aligns with its editorial strategy and enhances – rather than interrupts – the consumer experience. TAN Media’s automated true native technology platform allows Shortlist Media to keep readers within their sites, rather than referring them to external sites when they click on an ad, and capture authentic audience attention with high quality content. Traditionally native advertising has been difficult to scale – tending towards single-site executions – but the partnership with TAN Media enables Shortlist Media to execute campaigns across multiple sites from a single platform; automating, streamlining, and scaling its native advertising. “Native advertising has become a key focus for us,” says Mark Sandford, Commercial Director – Content Solutions at Shortlist Media. “As publishers, we are constantly looking at ways to deliver relevant, engaging content to our audience and by working closely with brands and advertisers we can continue to evolve our ad products. Working with TAN Media enables us to deliver a seamless experience for our readers.” Adam Rock, Managing Director at TAN Media, comments: “Native advertising provides Shortlist Media with the opportunity to monetise its inventory at scale across multiple sites, using a single platform, while maintaining the integrity of the user experience. With its high levels of consumer engagement, native brings value to both publishers and brands, and should be an integral part of any marketing strategy.”