In the lead up to Performance Marketing Insights: Europe 2015, which lands in Berlin’s Hotel Estrel next Tuesday (June 23), we took every opportunity to find out as much about the individuals leading the conference’s line-up.

The following interviews will give you an idea of the breadth of knowledge on display at Europe’s largest performance advertising conference, and the sorts of debates ticket holders can expect to witness throughout the two-day event.

Apple’s former Creative Director, Ken Segall, Talks PMI, Steve Jobs and Simplicity

It’s not every day you get to interview one of Steve Jobs’ ex-colleagues. Apple’s former creative director Ken Segall is headlining the day one agenda with a keynote highlighting the importance of ‘simplicity’ within business.

We spoke to Ken about this concept, and didn’t miss the opportunity to gain a glimpse into working with one of the world’s most ubiquitous brands, alongside its creator.

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iPullRank’s Mike King Discusses ‘The Content Marketing Overhaul’ PMI Keynote

Mike King’s talents manifest themselves in his agency, iPullRank, where he’s earned part of his reputation as a ‘marketing technologist’, and recognised authority in SEO, content strategy, social media and measurement.

Before he takes to the stage in the German capital for the event’s second keynote ‘The Content Marketing Overhaul’, we snapped up the opportunity to get a sneak peek at Mike’s session, and what aspects of Performance Marketing Insights: Europe he’s most excited about.

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Jan-Willem Bobbink Covers Your SEO Priorities and Warnings for 2015

‘Achtung Bitte! This is Your Search Update’ will bring together four top European search experts in order to tackle some of the most prominent debates and issues surrounding their specialism in 2015.

One of those taking part, SEO consultant Jan-Willem Bobbink, was on-hand to answer some of PerformanceIN’s questions about his industry’s profile, international SEO and Google’s next move.

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Equator’s Sean Mahon Takes On Cart Abandonment in the Travel Industry

Encouraging customers to complete their online orders is no easy task, and it’s an issue that affects the entire e-commerce industry.

We caught up with Sean to hash out his thoughts on the issue of cart abandonment ahead of his PMI session, which looks at how the agency managed to overcome the challenge for Macdonald Hotels and its chain of properties across Europe, as well as offering wider advice to the online travel industry as a whole.

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Why the Future of Digital PR Lies in Performance

‘Public Relations’ is very much an out-of-date term for personnel who are now more involved across a business with content, marketing, brand and sales responsibilities than they are with a typical ‘PR’s’ activities.

The subject is being raised next week in a panel session of communications professionals at Performance Marketing Insights: Europe, so we looked to panellist John Brown, head of engagement at Hotwire, for some insight into why the industry is evolving so rapidly.

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Tyroo CEO on the “Unique” Challenges Surrounding M-Commerce in Asia

Asia’s reputation as an e-commerce force is well-documented, but it’s in mobile shopping where the likes of Japan, China and South Korea streak ahead of their competing nations.

The continent’s mobile-readiness will be put under the spotlight by Siddharth Puri, CEO at ad-tech group Tyroo, as part of a PMI: Europe session that will expose drivers of Asia’s m-commerce biz, along with some of the things brands might have missed in their early attempts at cracking the market.

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Unique Digital’s Jochen Schlosser Talks Data, Personalisation & PMI Europe

Ahead of his session ‘Creating the Ultimate Personalisation Plan’, we spoke to Jochen Schlosser, part of the executive board at Hamburg-based Unique Digital and Speaker Encore participant.

In this Q&A, Jochen addresses the delicate issue of personalisation, and how marketers can approach the concept in a way that appeases both parties: the advertiser and consumer.

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Top10’s Julia Stent on Challenges and Opportunities for the Travel Vertical in 2015

Julia Stent is commercial director at Top10, Europe’s leading independent hotel comparison and booking platform, where she leads the company in pioneering strategies around mobile monetisation, social inspiration and cross-device attribution.  

Julia joins the panel ‘Digital Challenges and Opportunities for the Travel Vertical in 2015 and Beyond’ at PMI: Europe 2015 next week, where she’ll draw on experience from all facets of the performance marketing industry, spanning the publisher, advertiser and affiliate network arenas.

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