With just days to go before Performance Marketing Insights: Europe rolls into Berlin for a second-year running, there were plenty of points to ponder before our speakers took to the stage.

A week packed with insightful content included our usual batch of thought-provoking opinion pieces and plenty of tip-led articles to boot. 

In the news

As part of our news coverage, we looked into the unquestionable role of global marketplaces such as Amazon and Alibaba in driving e-commerce revenue. Retailers in a recent survey tipped these sites to possess a 40% share of the online market by 2020, which really would take their dominance to the next level.

Also hitting the headlines was microblogging site Twitter following the departure of its CEO and co-founder, Dick Costolo. The site is now entering a crucial period as it looks to quell monetisation worries at the same time as keeping its users happy. 

NYC-based ad tech group Verve Mobile made it a highly productive week by acquiring beacon and mobile wallet tech company Fosbury, while the IAB sounded warnings about eschewing short-form content in a video strategy.

Sharing their views

The varying definitions of performance marketing took the limelight on Thursday as our lengthy investigation into its true meaning finally drew to a close. You can now view the finished article to gauge advertiser, agency, ad tech and publisher thoughts on exactly what the term ‘performance marketing’ encompasses. 

Elsewhere our contributors touched on the debates surrounding Apple Pay – including its scepticism from retailers – and the internet of things, while iPullRank founder and content guru Mike King spoke with PerformanceIN ahead of his PMI: Europe keynote.