Maxifier executed an innovative analysis project for Beliefnet, a leading provider of inspirational editorial and video content. The objective of the analysis was to improve viewability across its site and optimise in-view rates to achieve the campaign goals of its advertisers, ensuring the site continued to be attractive to them. 

As a result, Maxifier carried out an in-depth analysis across detailed campaign and viewability data to enable Beliefnet to address the dual challenges of substantially improving viewability at a campaign level and across its site.


Viewability has become an increasingly important campaign metric with more and more advertisers demanding it. However, it has been difficult to use viewability reports to drive actionable optimisation. Beliefnet had limited resources to dedicate to optimisation or a site redesign and development with viewability in mind. 


Beliefnet turned to Maxifier and its ADMAX optimisation platform to help support them in solving these issues – delivering advertisers a premium experience with the best in-view rates possible, while utilising Maxifier’s business intelligence team to support website analysis to help improve site viewability. 


ADMAX analysed campaign performance and viewability data, identified the factors that were driving viewability uplift and, based on this insight, delivered actionable campaign optimisation recommendations. By applying these, overall campaign in-view rates were greatly improved, based on the advertiser’s KPIs. 

In addition, the business intelligence team used the data to identify the best performing ad units and positions that were helping deliver viewability across, and those that were performing poorly. This insight was used to drive overall website development based around improving viewability. 

The deep insights afforded to Beliefnet enabled its team to evaluate their different inventory types, considering clicks, scrolls and more, to drive business decisions in connection with investment in site redesign. 


Beliefnet was able to review all campaign activity to inform their optimisation strategy and site design, delivering a defined audience and unique content with strong viewability improvements across all platforms and devices.

In one month alone, by optimising in-view rates, Beliefnet achieved an average increase of 38% for those targeted campaigns.

In addition, Beliefnet has been able to maximise the value of its investment in viewability data by working with Maxifier to identify 70 low performing ad units since the beginning of the year. This has helped inform their site redesign and mobile optimisation to increase viewability rates site wide.