Content-to-commerce publishing house Purch has reeled in $135 million through a series-c funding round led by Canso Investment Council.

The group’s sites focus mainly on reviews of products, which ties into what Purch executives say drive over half of its revenue – commission from performance marketing. 

Its portfolio of sites such as Top Ten Reviews help connect marketers with would-be buyers at the very end of their purchasing journey, when they’re looking for additional information on products. The rest of the company’s revenue comes from advertising sold through methods away from the final sale.

Today, the company has announced its most successful financing effort to date after gaining over $40 million in previous rounds.  

Moving forward

The amount will go some way to funding “strategic acquisitions”, Purch states, but pales in significance to the $1 billion it claims to be generating annually for over 7,000 marketers and sellers. 

Purch itself boasted $100 million in revenue last year, during which a rebrand from TechMedia Network was overseen and completed. 

The company expects to record a similar taking for 2015. 

“Purch brands are laser-focused on making buying decisions easy for consumers and businesses through expert product analysis, user opinions, and convenient purchase options,” said Purch CEO Greg Mason. 

“This focus has made Purch the destination for not only decision-making, but the purchase itself, which allows us to pull ahead of other tech publishers in scale, influence, and value delivered to marketers.”

Although last year’s rebrand would suggest that Purch is looking to expand its model into a number of publishing categories, a considerable number of its titles are focused on technology. 

Since its formation in 2003, the company has built a strong readership in the science and tech categories, and grew to open offices in California, Utah, New York and Boston as well as a European base in Paris, France.