Proxama’s beacon network will be making its way to some of the UK’s biggest airports after a significant deal with ad company Eye Airports was announced.

A transient audience of 100 million passengers could potentially be accessed by Proxama’s network of Bluetooth-connected beacons and near-field communication devices. 

Early plans will see 200 units installed at sites including London Gatwick and Manchester airport, to be used by retailers and advertisers wanting to send offers and information out to crowds of nearby passengers. 

Jon Worley, who heads up Proxama’s marketing division, said: “Airports are an ideal environment, with their high dwell times giving brands and retailers the opportunity to interact in a different and innovative way and encourage air travellers to visit stores, find out more and take advantage of unique offers.”

Taking off

As part of its two-year contract with Eye Airports, whose outdoor advertising can be found in airports across the UK, Proxama will be able to deliver timely and relevant notifications to mobile users via its Proxama Network.

Eye Airports has reason to believe the initiative will get off to a good start, citing in-house research that shows 24% of users receiving location-based offers go on to click-through. 

The company follows the lead of US department store giant Macy’s and Major League Baseball outfits in getting on board with beacons, whose Bluetooth technology is revolutionising the potential of location-based messaging.  

Little is known of how the airport beacon network will be made available to users on a technical level, but opt-ins could be secured by an app hosted by the airport being linked to Proxama’s technology.

One of the London-based firm’s biggest projects came from partnering with businesses around Norwich to release Loka – an app which distributed relevant deals and information to mobile users as they passed certain points around the city.