German e-commerce marketplace Stylight has made Belgium and Norway its next two markets to move into, making it live in 14 countries around the world.

The Munich-founded start-up, which enables shoppers in different markets to browse through and buy tens of thousands of items from popular online stores, is looking to rev up for a big 2015 in Europe after its launch in the US last year.

Stats from the company show that 49% of Belgians bought garments from fashion retailers last year, with 40% of Norwegians doing the same. 

To capitalise on these figures, the company is bringing over 60,000 and 75,000 items respectively out to two custom-made domains in and 

A note from Stylight CEO Benni Gunther claims this represented a “logical step” in the company’s expansion strategy, also fitting in with the company’s motto of ‘global inspiration and local commerce’.

Expanding its reach

Last year saw Stylight attempt to build off what had been a hugely productive year for the company. Starting with a “significant” multi-million Euro series-B investment in January 2013, the firm went on to generate upwards of $250 million in revenue for its retail partners.

Stylight’s cut derives from an affiliate-style click-through model, which monitors sales made through each of the company’s websites. 

These are present in all of the key e-commerce markets, such as the US, UK, Germany and Australia, as well as emerging areas such as Brazil, the Netherlands, Sweden, France and Italy. 

Other markets where Stylight boasts presence include Spain, Switzerland and Austria along with Belgium and Norway.

Getting acquainted 

A strategy to launch into the two new markets will adhere to similar principles adopted by the company in its previous expansion efforts.

According to a statement from Stylight, local experts will be used to develop a marketing strategy for each, while others are to work on scouting new brands and partners operating within Norway and Belgium.

A number of major brands are already on board, as launches with the likes of Sarenza and SuperTrash and boasts items from Styleput and Ellos.