Ad tech startup VisualDNA has been acquired by Israeli billionaire entrepreneur Teddy Sagi for an undisclosed sum.

Collecting data from online products such as personality quizzes, the data science and management platform works with advertisers to better target their ads with applied analysis, helping them understand their audiences psychologically.

Founded in 2006, VisualDNA, formerly known as Imagini, combines the approaches of data scientists, psychologists and engineers to understand the human personality, allowing businesses to better serve their customers.

“At its core, VisualDNA believes understanding people is key to fairer and more genuine interactions across the board, in business, retail, finance and in society,” said sales director of marketing services Jon Hewson when he joined the company last year.

Investments in tech

For publishers, VisualDNA increases the value of ad inventory, adding layers on contextual data such as demographics, intent, interests and personality to create a picture of specific audiences.

With the advantage of being compatible with all major trading desks, agencies are also able to reach customers with campaigns through VisualDNA.

Following the acquisition, VisualDNA’s founder and CEO Alex Willcock has left the outfit and has been replaced by Jim Purves, the company’s former COO.

The London-based company will now become part of the Teddy Sagi Group.

Sagi himself has made a number of ad tech-related acquisitions of late, including mobile customer relationship management company Adience, e-commerce marketing company StuccoMedia, and data analyzer Crossrider.