May the fourth was with everyone on Monday, starting a week that saw Europe placed under the spotlight at PerformanceIN.

Aside from our review of how the UK election campaigns played out from a marketing standpoint, we looked into the most popular items among EU shoppers, and the prospects of tech start-ups in France

There was also plenty of news and opinion to come from our EU-based companies. Tradedoubler released details of its financial performance for Q1, while Havas Media CEO Paul Frampton broke down the theories and definitions behind ‘thought leadership’.

Retailer conundrums 

Our online sellers would have taken a wealth of insight from some of the revelations made in the ad tech world this week, not least from news on the cart abandonment front. 

Tackling the £12 billion problem, as valued by Surepayroll, could be worth £8.30 to retailers for every purchase pulled back from the brink, considering the price of carts that never get checked out.

The single customer view is another hot topic on the retailer radar, but so too is the question of which party should be turning everyday data from buyers into actionable insights.

The latest excerpt from our supplement covering the issues and debates surrounding an unparalleled view of the customer went live, which should whet the appetite of anyone wishing to download the full thing free of charge.

Locking on

As retailers go about gaining the single customer view, Google has its sight set on another target: ad injectors and their removal from the web.

The search giant has highlighted the growing problem of online ads being delivered to users without publisher permission. These typically make their way onto the browser’s screen via malware attached to web apps, and Google has resorted to naming culprits in an attempt to banish their presence from its own products.

Targeting is also on the agenda for RetailMeNot following the group’s new partnership with Beacon tech firm Swirl Networks. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more updates from offline performance marketing this month. 

In other news, KLM affiliate marketing manager Alicia Solis was on hand to impart wisdom on publisher sourcing, making a company stand out and getting ahead in the industry. While further tips were handed out via our features on the role of influence in cross-device transactions and effective lead generation.

That’s it for this week, but keep an eye on the site for more practical marketing tips as well as stories of success from the winners at the Performance Marketing Awards 2015.