Average order values on carts which are recovered from the brink of abandonment are typically 14.2% higher than purchases that go through without complication, according to data from SaleCycle.

A new infographic from the remarketing group lays out the progress retailers have made in encouraging users to make a purchase once they’ve filled their virtual shopping baskets.

Considering that EU shoppers spent an average of £59 each time they bought online in 2014, according to the Centre for Retail Research, news of a 14.2% uptick for recovered carts may lead to a gain of £8.30 for every purchase saved. 

But it wasn’t all good news for retailers, who placed great emphasis on tackling cart abandonment last year.

A growing issue

Between Q1 2014 – Q1 2015, average order values on recovered carts were up, with the same applying to open rates on emails to address cart abandonment (44.1%) and the revenue attributed to this activity ($8.21).

However, click-throughs on abandonment are down to just a tenth, while only a third of these clicks are leading to a purchase – again, down from last year. 

The release of the infographic comes in the lead up to a SaleCycle presentation on cart abandonment at Performance Marketing Insights: Europe, where the science and theory behind why consumers ditch their purchases will be laid out.

Until then, here is the infographic in full.