Almost two thirds (64%) of Americans believe it would be ‘helpful’ to receive adverts through mobile and online banking apps based on their purchase data, particularly during Mother’s Day.

These findings are part of a study by data and advertising company Cardlytics, which looked to assess the opportunity of using information on transactions to deliver relevant advertising through mobile and online banking apps.

The ‘2015 Card-Linked Marketing Consumer Sentiment Study’, conducted independently by Harris Poll, found that the majority of Americans are open to this form of advertising, with over half (51%) believing it would help them stretch their money further.

Three in ten (32%) agreed it would give them new ideas on where to shop, while a similar proportion (31%) said this would encourage them to purchase from their favourite brands more often.

Gifts for mom

The investigation found that Americans would be most likely to use card-linked marketing during special events such as Christmas and Hannukah (55%), vacations (49%), Mother’s Day (33%) and anniversaries (30%).

Of those who use mobile or online banking applications, three in four (76%) said they would use a card-linked marketing offer on Mother’s Day, with 41% reporting they would use it to buy a gift.

The results come as a surprise, admits Cardlytics’ senior marketing advisor Kasey Byrne, who notes that “very rarely” do you get a majority of Americans open to receiving any kind of marketing:

“Consumers see card-linked marketing as a valuable service from their bank that helps them save on the things they buy every day,” she commented.

Cardlytics is riding high after announcing $70 million in series F funding in Q3 last year, putting them on track to becoming an IPO within the next 18 months.