Performance Horizon Group (PHG) today rolled out Insights, a product within ExactView, allowing clients to gain a unique perspective on the usage habits of their customers and the trends that are affecting their campaigns.

Insights includes data on lifetime customer value and the role individual marketing partners play in the path-to-sale, allowing advertisers to re-focus their partner-marketing program on better margins and growth.    

Pete Cheyne, CTO describes Insights as a product born from years of feedback from clients and agencies to understand what performance KPI’s would provide the most value, across a campaign, or breaking it down to an individual publisher level:

“We have developed this platform from the ground up and it provides unparalleled access to the data we store, in an intuitive interface full of visualisations and charts that are designed to help our clients gain a deeper understanding of their campaign activity.”

PHG beta tested the product with Halfords, helping the retailer understand its partner base in more detail and identify partners driving true incremental growth.

Insights also enabled Halfords to gain a better view around its sales channels, said Kyle Brogan, account director:

“Other stand out points include helping to change our preconception around mobile sales – thinking tablets sales would be higher. However we quickly saw that sales driven through a mobile phone were much higher than anticipated.”

Global B2C ecommerce enabled brands in travel, retail, and telco are recognising the need for more sophisticated digital partner marketing strategies, said Malcolm Cowley, CEO of Performance Horizon Group: 

“ExactView already allows advertisers to attribute every digital marketing partner sale by order, partner, channel and even operating system – right down to the item number. Our new product, Insights builds on that core capability going a level deeper to uncover the true value partners bring to the table and which of these partners drive the most.

For more information on PHG’s Insights, see infographic below: