When performance marketers put their heads together, there’s no end to the possibilities, but they’re rarely quite so virtuous as this latest brainwave from a handful of industry leading companies.

As with all good ideas, the plan to form the Performance Marketing Charity Co-operative (PMCC) was inspired in Las Vegas at Affiliate Summit West, with its support of Affiliate Marketers Give Back, a group which brings affiliate marketers together in the US for charity based events.

The brainchild of Matt Bailey and industry ‘veterans’ from companies including Affiliate Window, affilinet, Optimus PM and TopCashback, the scheme will provide a platform for companies flying the industry banner to get involved in charitable events.

“The way that we envisage it working is that we will provide a framework for anyone in the performance marketing industry to showcase any charitable initiatives they are undertaking, as well as organising a few events ourselves”, says Bailey, commercial director at R.O.EYE. 

The first event has been organised for Tuesday June 2 at The Fable in Holborn, pitting industry heavyweights against each other in a traditional pub quiz.

If you are organising a charity event, or are thinking of doing so, Bailey encourages marketers to get in touch with the PMCC and make use of the added support it can offer.

“We will be able to publicise your event and help with planning”, says Bailey, “So if you are planning a charitable event within your company, why not open it up to the wider industry?

“Or if you have any great ideas that you think fellow performance marketers would be keen on, let us know and we can help you plan it.”

To get involved in the Performance Marketing Charity Co-operative, and see if your team know their World Cup ‘98 goalscorers, capitals and chemical elements- as well as being part of the birth of something quite special in performance marketing this year, sign up to the mailing list here.