Adyoulike is looking to the launch of a new native advertising exchange to enhance its prospects across key markets in Europe.

Powered by AppNexus, the Adyoulike Exchange will allow native inventory to be bought programmatically across desktop, tablet and smartphone. 

A fruitful year for Adyoulike’s native ad-building solutions enabled the company to turnover $10 million last year. With the exchange now live, the London-based group is setting its sights on further EU expansion, particularly in Germany, Spain and Italy.  

Endless opportunities 

Julien Verdier, CEO of Adyoulike, says the launch of the group’s exchange represents a “logical continuation” of a strategy designed to make native advertising easier to buy and sell.

“Today the world has reached a technological and commercial maturity that allows us to buy and sell native advertising programmatically, in real time.

“The use of data, targeting and optimisation we can now offer via programmatic is almost endless.”

Despite already finding success with tools to help advertisers and publishers create their own native inventory, Adyoulike is looking to move further into a format which is making waves around the publisher world.

In the US alone, native advertising is expected to be worth $18 billion a year by 2018.  

“In 2015 we anticipate double digit growth as programmatic buying, mobile inventory and our seamless technology combine to create a truly scalable native advertising opportunity for brands and their agencies,” Verdier added.