Online retailer (NOTHS) has increased revenues by implementing a “unique journey” strategy for its welcome series, powered by Bronto’s email automation platform. NOTHS is an online marketplace for over 5,000 small businesses selling highly personalised products and gifts. The e-tailer wanted to mirror the customised nature of its brand identity within its content marketing. Previously, NOTHS’s welcome series sent each subscriber an identical set of eight messages. Now, all subscribers receive the same three messages to begin the series before NOTHS gets much more focused in its approach. From that point, each customer travels down a personalised path based on the actions they have taken as a result of the previous emails. The content for the remainder of the series – whether it’s product recommendations, discounts for a next purchase or information about NOTHS’s social media platforms – varies for each individual. This approach created welcome series average order values (AOVs) that were 20% higher than other marketing messaging. Meanwhile, the “unique journey” strategy for the NOTHS welcome series resulted in a 48% year-over-year (YOY) increase in revenue. Through running the campaign, NOTHS also learned that it needed to tighten the schedule of its welcome series. It now sends the messages out over 14 rather than 28 days. “When Bronto demonstrated its workflow automation, it was then that we realised the true extent of the platform’s functionality. It was brilliant!” says Antony Lea, Head of CRM at NOTHS. “We want them to feel good about making a purchase with us – not only do they get cool stuff from us, they’re also doing good things for the British economy.” Georges Berzgal, Managing Director of Bronto Software Europe, said: “Uniqueness is a cornerstone of’s proposition. These results show the value of personalisation, not just in furthering the brand’s identity in the minds of its audience, but in terms of driving more revenue. Basing content messaging on the actions a customer has taken previously creates a myriad of paths, but these routes often lead to the same outcome — a lucrative conversion.”