With a new majority shareholder in place, Berlin-based mobile outfit glispa has gone about conducting improvements to a critical part of its ad technology.

A fourth installment of the group’s Quality Optimization Engine (QOE) aims to make it even easier for advertisers to purchase inventory through its solutions. Brands can now use QOE’s enhanced reporting tools to fully track and monitor the progress of their campaigns, drilled down to performance on days and times and through specific ads.    

The move follows news that e-commerce vendor Market Tech Holdings had bought a majority stake in the $1.4 billion-valued glispa for $77 million. 

Glispa said it would be using the money to boost its international expansion at the same time as building on its existing products.


At present, glispa classes itself as a “full-service” online marketing company, catering for both brands and publishers through solutions for native, social media, display and search advertising and app promotion. 

QOE is something which twines into its various products and services, meaning an improvement to its capability in reporting and ad buying could lead to greater efficiency across the board.

Glispa can also ensure quality leads and clicks are being triggered with a solution which scans incoming data points to detect suspicious activity. 

“We can actually guarantee quality traffic and more engaged end users for our global advertising clients,” commented Gary Lin, the group’s CEO, who also touched on the benefits reaped by current clients in games developer gumi Inc. and classified ad hoster OLX.

“Gumi Inc. and OLX are excellent examples of how we use business intelligence to deliver actionable learning to our advertisers through proactive data analysis and real-time optimization.”

With over 120 employees on its roster, glispa has continued to operate primarily out of Berlin with offices in San Francisco, Beijing and Sao Paolo.