For the past five years, YouTube viewers have been able to skip an ad after five seconds to view a video – or alternatively watch the entire ad before viewing what they went to the site to watch.

This feature, the “TrueView” format, has been great for advertisers who only pay if a viewer decides not to skip the ad and watches at least 30 seconds, or until the end.

However, YouTube has said that feedback from advertisers suggests there is a demand for more interactive ads. Not one to lag behind, the site announced today that it is expanding the capability of TrueView ads to afford brands the chance to enrich their placements with information.

In a blog post, YouTube explained the new capabilities of TrueView ads will be rolled out via “cards”, which allow advertiser to include further details about their brand, along with links, playlists and related videos.

Further changes

YouTube hopes these changes will encourage viewers to get involved with the ads that are being rolled out on the platform, in turn encouraging advertisers to invest in the site.

The Google-owned group says it grew the number advertisers using TrueView by 45% year on year in 2014. YouTube is now looking to introduce further changes, which will begin in May, including counting views when a user clicks on a card.

Remaining in the favour of advertisers, YouTube will bill only for a full view of an ad or a click, not both. The site will also ensure that its advertisers aren’t billed for accidental clicks by changing where viewers click on TrueView ads. From now on, only interactions with specific cards or a link will be registered.

The cards are set to be introduced to YouTube on desktop and mobile and reports suggest the site is also looking to eventually connect them to TV.