Tradedoubler is looking to solve some of the problems advertisers and publishers may have in serving international shoppers with a pair of new tools.

The affiliate network’s Global Capabilities solution packages technology for improving page loading times experienced by international visitors and a system for converting publisher commission into a preferred currency.

At one end, Global Tracking re-directs international users to a server that will provide the best service for them, while Global Payments looks to solve some of the issues publishers have in accepting money from foreign buyers.

The new solutions are available to advertisers and publishers in all markets, with Tradedoubler claiming a five-fold improvement in loading speed and tracking reliability off the back of their use. 

Doubling up

As highlighted by Tradedoubler, page loading times are a huge consideration for buyers that stray from their country’s websites in search of a deal.

Research from Nielsen shows that 47% of visitors fully expect the content on their page to load within two seconds, and 40% will choose to leave the site if this doesn’t happen.

In an effort to combat some of the issues encountered by international buyers and sellers, Tradedoubler has paired its ad tracking servers with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure that ads and landing page content are given the best chance to load with pace.

Jeff Johnston, the group’s product strategy director, is also enthused by Tradedoubler’s new Global Payments solution, which seeks to remove some of the issues publishers might have with international book-keeping.

“Our Global Payments technology eradicates the need to set up and administer foreign currency accounts,” he commented. “I am confident that we can now provide a multitude of new and exciting opportunities for clients who need a truly global performance marketing solution.”  

New focus

The announcement comes amid a concerted effort by Tradedoubler to move its business forward through in-house technology solutions for advertisers and publishers.

As reported by PerformanceIN, last year saw the company announce a long-term strategy that included the development of a technology platform for tracking sales and interactions across all digital marketing channels.

Last year also saw Tradedoubler complete a purchase for end-to-end ad tech platform Adnologies, which Johnston said would help the company achieve its strategic goals.