Cotswold Outdoor is an award winning multi-channel retailer with stores throughout the UK, and have over four decades of experience in outdoor retail.

Through its website it sells a wide range of outdoor retail products including clothing, footwear, and equipment which produces a large percentage of its overall profits. Its website has the potential to increase sales, and help grow the business.


In order to further realise its online potential, Cotswold Outdoor asked Net Media Planet to extend the brand’s online reach to help increase sales through an online display advertising campaign, whilst maintaining a positive ROI.


To increase Cotswold Outdoor’s online brand awareness amongst consumers with a greater propensity to engage with their products, Net Media Planet helped to define their online target market, and designed a highly targeted online display campaign. Furthermore, to increase campaign effectiveness and efficiency, Net Media Planet targeted consumers with a known interest in purchasing outdoor products.


With a clear understanding of Cotswold Outdoor’s target demographic, Net Media Planet used proprietary technology and third-party data to identify niche websites with an audience that matched Cotswold Outdoor’s.

The media planning and buying strategy was influenced by these findings, and together with rich demographic data Net Media Planet created an in-depth targeting strategy that would increase brand awareness to the right audience. 

The campaign utilised dynamic and creative ad formats which emphasised product details and sales promotions during peak periods.  Dynamic ad formats also allowed for easy and cost effective split testing for messaging. The creative with the most effective messaging was then used to optimise campaign performance.


Net Media Planet outperformed Cotswold Outdoor’s objectives including increasing their brand awareness whilst maintaining a positive ROI:

  • The campaign achieved over 14.9 million impressions to relevant consumer demographics, and contributed to 12% of all sales revenue in the first three months of launch.
  • Furthermore, the campaign achieved a ROI 8x greater than their initial investment. 

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