The Association of Online Publishers (AOP) has chosen AppNexus to provide the technology needed to deliver a private marketplace (PMP) for a number of its high-profile members.

Groups including Telegraph Media, Auto Trader, Future Plc, Bauer Consumer Media and Time Inc. have committed ad inventory and data to serve advertisers looking for a safe places to reach their audiences. 

The group has even branded itself an “alliance” – the same term used by the likes of the Guardian, CNN and Reuters in describing their ‘Pangaea’ programmatic ad deal, launched at the tail-end of last week. 

But while members of Pangaea chose the Rubicon Project as their tech supplier, the new group has opted for the NYC-based AppNexus – a known force in ad trading solutions.

A new alliance 

Like with Pangaea, the AOP was keen to stress that advertisers would gain access to inventory – programmatically – within “brand-safe” environments, giving them peace of mind when delivering creative. 

The next step will be for the AOP to decide on a manager and operations team for leading the partnership alongside AppNexus, which was unanimously selected as the technology platform for the PMP.

Tim Faircliff, AOP chairman, commented: “AppNexus was selected because of its experience in delivering similar publisher alliances, its strong track record in enabling programmatic demand, and the overall flexibility of the underlying technology.”

Faircliff added that his group will be working hard to maximise a return for advertisers, while promising updates “in the next few months”.