The role of affiliates in boosting site traffic for online retailers has been showcased in a new study from Trusted Loyalty Partners. 

A survey of 1,642 British consumers from the card-linked offers supplier found that 23% are being driven to retailer websites by online advertising, with 15% being swayed by discount codes. 

In addition, loyalty schemes are acting as temptation for 12%, far above the 7% who voted for broadcast advertising.

With social media interaction heading the list of site drivers on 38%, brands have been offered a roadmap of how to drive people to their domains.

Added value

The survey went on to reveal some of the preferences that define where British consumers like to shop. With trust playing a huge part in driving custom to a store, it was of little surprise to see “reputable brand names” (34%) topping the list of things that help consumers decide where to head.

This was particularly the case for offline retailers, as 53% of the group said they’d “never” visited a high-street store they didn’t recognise.

A clear demand for incentives was also evident, as loyalty schemes and discounts were voted for by 26% and 17% respectively.  

Chris Heather, director at Trusted Loyalty Partners, remarked about the benefits of being able to entice consumers with rewards, especially when it comes to boosting footfall.

“One thing I can say is that we have seen the benefits that loyalty schemes have in driving consumers into stores,” he commented. 

“Whilst they are still a relatively rare thing for retailers to offer, they are growing steadily and successfully with benefits offered to all involved parties. We hope they will be a more regular occurrence in 2015 and years to come.”