Mobile advertising network BuzzCity has announced its latest feature aimed at emerging markets, Attribute Clusters.

The latest addition to the network leverages data from standard audience sampling, allowing mobile advertisers to target large demographic clusters in emerging markets.

According to the Advertising Expenditure Forecast from ZenithOptimedia, global advertising spend will grow by 4.9% in 2015. This could see the total hitting $545 billion and BuzzCity believes emerging markets will be driving this along.

With this in mind, the company’s approach to attribute clustering offers a strong targeting feature catered towards upcoming areas, located in parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America among others.


With both attention to detail and scale, BuzzCity obtains insights from publishers, gathering information on gender, age, location and occupation.

By grouping publishers with similar attributes together (sites where at least 65% share characteristics), Attribute Clusters offers brands and agencies the opportunity to deliver relevant ads to specific audience segments.
“Targeting is really about optimising your spends, but there is no point optimising a campaign until you lose reach,” says Dr KF Lai, CEO and founder of BuzzCity.

“We’ve taken an approach that segments the relevant global audiences without losing scale.”

The tool will be rolling out over the coming months, with more attributes being introduced in this period, enabling advertisers to deliver their brand message to more audience segments.