Key structural changes are underway at programmatic marketing specialist Yieldr, which has confirmed the departure of CEO Tom Triscari.

PerformanceIN was informed earlier this week that Triscari had left his position at the company, but that he would retain his seat on the board of directors.

Yieldr confirmed that its CEO had moved from his senior management role while also declaring the ambition to move away from its roots in managing services to bring its self-service capabilities up to speed.   

It also became apparent that Mendel Senf, the Amsterdam group’s co-founder, has been moved to the role of CEO from his position as COO.

Departures and directions 

A statement issued to PerformanceIN by Senf highlights the need to focus on catering for in-house performance teams while maintaining focus on the fundamentals of programmatic advertising. 

“Yieldr has restructured from a managed service provider to a self-service platform for agency media buyers and in-house performance advertisers,” he announced. 

“We’ve already gained significant traction with our new strategy and in 2015, we’ll continue to fortify our position in the space. We remain committed to our three core programmatic pillars of transparency, control and data activation.” 

Triscari, who leaves the company he joined in only March of last year, has also issued the following statement to PerformanceIN:

“Yieldr is a much different company today compared to when I parachuted in as strategy CEO to shift it from a managed service to SaaS. It is also a much different company from when it started out in 2007, which seems so long ago in programmatic time. 

“Mendel and Niels [Niels Baarsma, co-founder of Yieldr] founded a tough and smart company by creating a culture of resilience, change and growth. As a known programmatic leader, Yieldr has always strived to change the market and that means it also has to change with the market. Today is no exception.

“As board chairman, I will continue to help the company realise its mission as a leading technology that helps marketers take more control and ownership over their trading activity.” 

The former Criteo and Yahoo employee will be hoping to put his skills to good use as CEO of Labmatik, an enterprise which also specialises in programmatic advertising.

Taking control

Yieldr’s current line of services are aimed at advertisers and agencies looking to use their first and third-party data in order to produce highly effective programmatic display campaigns. 

One of the products Yieldr is aiming at in-house performance marketers is its adaptive programmatic platform (APP): a platform-as-a-service solution that uses “algorithmic decisioning” to pinpoint and engage users through remarketing campaigns. 

Yieldr also has its own online ‘Academy’, which aims to educate media buyers and put them “in control” of their programmatic campaigns.  

The company is due to make an announcement regarding its recent changes on March 10 – also the day of the d3con event in Hamburg.