A new partnership between online discount provider Savings.com and the Inmar Digital Promotions Network is set to open up a wealth of cross-promotion opportunities for consumer packaged goods (CPG) firms.

An announcement made yesterday (March 3) stated that the former, an established global player in the coupons market, and the latter, a processor of digital deals, will join forces in order to help CPG clients reach out to a greater number of potential buyers.

Participating CPG brands have been told of “additional benefits” including improved targeting opportunities and the ability to broadcast offers across a plethora of digital channels. 

The deal will also bring a flood of new print-at-home coupons and load-to-card offers out to Savings.com’s user base. 

Stocking up

Inmar has been in the promotions business for 35 years and now boasts a service responsible for managing billions of dollars in transactions. 

Among the company’s flagship offerings is a coupon management web app that assists retailers in various stages of the coupon distribution process. By using the technology, firms can set-up new offers, forecast how much they’re likely to earn and gain full visibility of their performance.  

The group’s new deal with Savings.com will see a combination of discount technology, with one of the primary aims being improved customer engagement.

“They have an expansive array of digital marketing assets that enable brands to effectively and cost-efficiently promote at scale, as well as positively affect brand loyalty,” commented David Mounts, Inmar’s CEO and chairman. 
“At the same time, we have been very impressed with the company’s ability to help clients realize coupon redemption rates that exceed industry averages,” he added.

Reports suggest the deal will be used primarily to help Savings.com make headway with its printable coupons business. These vouchers are typically redeemed online and processed in-store, with companies like Inmar helping retailers track their usage.