Criteo has fuelled up its display ad technology for the travel market through the addition of real-time price updates on flights.

The retargeting company’s partnership with Vayant Travel Technologies, a supplier of airfare search solutions, sees up-to-date information on fares delivered to browsers via highly personalised display ads. 

The deal has been touted as a way of boosting sales for airlines in a market driven heavily by price.

Evidence of holidaymakers’ demand for cheap fares came to light in a survey from the US Travel Association, released last year, where 92% of business and leisure travellers classed the total cost of their flight as “important”.

This proved more popular than other factors, such as the time it takes to fly, the punctuality of the service and a hassle-free trip through airport security.   

Flying high

Although Criteo’s partnership with Vayant has only just been made official, the technology behind the collaboration has already been used in a campaign with German airline Lufthansa.

The company had intended to target online customers that had already expressed an intent to purchase. Using highly relevant ads, Lufthansa was able to improve its customers’ shopping experience at the same time as triggering a 100% increase in conversion rates, according to the airline. 

Eric Eichmann, president and COO at Criteo, is excited about bringing this technology out into the wider market and helping airlines solve their cross-device targeting challenges. 

“By incorporating data from Vayant’s platform, we’re able to ensure personalised airline ads are displaying the most tailored prices in real-time to consumers across every device and touch point – display, in-app, email and mobile.

“This new solution is something very few airlines are doing in their digital marketing today and we’re pleased to partner with Vayant to make it happen,” he concluded.