Affiliate Window has announced the launch of its cross-device tracking technology, enabling advertisers and publishers across the network to track and gain rewards for conversions made across multiple devices.

The UK performance group has reported traffic reaching 50% from mobile devices in December alone and research from Google has found that 67% of consumers make e-commerce journeys on more than one gadget.

Among its many benefits, cross-device tracking can provide advertisers with an understanding of how the affiliate channel attracts eyeballs and drives custom.

The solution also enables Affiliate Window to reward publishers for multi-device purchasing journeys, which until now has been absent from the industry since the rise of cross-device usage.

A game changer

The solution works by compiling profiles, linked to devices, which signal when a potential consumer has interacted with an ad on one device but purchased with another. A record will then be made of any conversion which is driven by an Affiliate Window publisher within a pre-determined time frame.

Affiliate Window says cross-device tracking is involved in 9.5% of all sales for clients that are running the new solution, including The Hut Group and Shop Direct.

“By being able to measure and optimise across device we make the right decisions and we give mobile the investment it deserves,” said Ryan Jones, affiliate manager at Shop Direct.

Jones notes the particular importance of optimisation across devices, particularly in CPA channels, stating that if cross-device influences cannot be tracked then publishers cannot be rewarded.

“The new product developed by Affiliate Window could be a game changer for the Shop Direct affiliate programme,” he added.

This announcement comes within days of Affiliate Window launching a new commission solution, allowing longtail publishers and advertisers to access a ‘commission-per-assist’ model.

The new solution also functions as a top-up for rewarding early contributors within CPA-driven programmes.