Samsung has come out on top for impressions in the 2014 Mobile Mix Report: The Mobile Device Index.

The report comes from mobile advertising company Millennial Media which has revealed key mobile findings from the platform over the last year.

According to the findings, Samsung became the manufacturer which saw the greatest number of impressions, unseating Apple and contributing to an overall increase in Android impressions on the platform, up 7% from 2013.

However, the Apple iPhone is still the largest device by impressions, staying considerably ahead of Samsung with 19.45% of impressions compared to 10.89% of impressions generated by the Galaxy S, up slightly from 10.75% in 2013.

Apple iPad came in third followed by Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note with 9.45%, 5.01% and 4.05% respectively.

Millennial Media reports that Samsung and Apple are the global market leaders in mobile device sales according to their findings and combined are responsible for 67% of the impressions on the platform.

Additional features

The introduction of additional features can be attributed to a rise in popularity among consumers, such as the heart rate sensor built into Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and Apple Pay in the US.

The mobile advertising platform also reported that 2014 saw the wider public embracing bigger screen sizes across a range of devices, with manufacturers looking to create smartphones which begin to take the place of other devices, such as cameras and desktops.

Brand advertisers also appeared to favour larger smartphones which present a larger canvas to interact with potential consumers.

“Being at MWC this week, the launch of Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 handsets underlines the manufacturer’s current dominance in mobile” said Zac Pinkham, managing director, EMEA at Millennial Media.

“What caught my attention most was the variety of ad formats being served on mobile devices – more features and functionality, bigger screen sizes, and more apps featuring video ads demonstrates the richness of the mobile ad ecosystem.”