The Australian city of Sydney has become the latest destination to welcome an office from performance marketing software provider CAKE.

Asia-Pacific has emerged as a key region for CAKE, whose SaaS offerings are used by marketers to track and optimise their performance-based campaigns.

Ad spend in Australia has been tipped to surpass $5 billion this year and CAKE president Santi Pierini believes country and company could make for a good match.

“We see Australia as an ideal location to establish an APAC presence and further grow CAKE’s customer base, particularly because Australian marketers have been shown to be both tech-savvy and ready to take their cross-channel capabilities to the next level,” he commented. 

Branching out

Sydney is a renown tech hub and research from Forrester adds weight to Pierini’s comments about Australia being a perfect fit for CAKE. 

According to a report from 2014, only 7% of the country’s marketers aren’t using some form of automation platform, while further analysis highlights them as being “ahead of their international peers” in terms of their adoption of new marketing technology. 

CAKE’s software can be applied across a plethora of fast-growing digital channels, including search, mobile, video and display among others. The company’s most recent estimates have the software assessing over five billion consumer actions every month, helping advertisers and networks make better use of their performance campaign data. 

The new CAKE office is one of four operated and owned by Accelerize Inc., adding to branches in California, New York and London.