Mobile app monetisation and distribution company Appnext has announced a 300% year-over-year increase in annual revenue.

The Tel Aviv-based outfit has attributed its significant growth to the introduction of direct-buy campaigns via its self-serve CPI bidding platform, the first of its kind for the company, which was launched last year.

Using this platform, app advertisers have been able to run user acquisition campaigns directly with their publishing partners, which has resulted in a 400% year-over-year increase in partner growth.
“We are in the business of empowering developers and mobile publishers by connecting them directly with app advertisers while providing 100% transparency throughout the entire process,” said founder of Appnext, Elad Natanson.

“Our significant growth in the past year signifies that programmatic CPI is here to stay and that developers of all sizes are embracing full control over their user acquisition efforts through our platform and increasing their ROI.”

Spectacular numbers

Additional growth has been seen in concurrent live campaigns. Both Android and iOS have contributed to 1,500 campaigns worldwide, with a CPI increase of 40% and 32% respectively.

Both Android and iOS have also seen a growth of 65% in eCPMs as a result of the enhancement of Appnext’s proprietary optimisation algorithm.

The company has also seen a rise in the popularity of app-install ads among mobile publishers and media partners. Appnext believes this increase is down to relevant advanced optimisation capabilities and app recommendation.

“Last year we witnessed a spectacular number of mobile businesses built around app discovery joining on the Appnext board on a daily basis,” said Natanson.

“The platform we have built is a transparent marketplace designed to provide all the tools necessary to programmatically reach maximum monetisation results, and on the other hand to get the apps discovered, paying for actual app installs, not the impressions or clicks.”