Data-driven marketing agency Occam, a St Ives Group company, has launched an in-house marketing tool, allowing businesses to understand their customer base and deliver multi-channel communication.

Accelero is a cloud-based, end-to-end data management tool which works to aid organisations in responding to customer desires and behaviours.

Combining marketing technology from across the industry with Occam’s own data platform, Accelero allows businesses to create a more engaging, relevant and personalised consumer experience.

Built on a data management capability that provides a single view of the customer, Accelero aims to discover what is the behaviour behind consumer purchases and, perhaps more importantly, how businesses can swiftly respond to these behaviours.

Clients will have access to the data within the platform, in addition to a range of applications and market-leading technologies to help them understand consumer engagement strategies across multiple channels.

By simplifying the process of aggregating customer interactions, Accelero enables transformed customer communications and can ultimately provide swift measurement to justify marketing spend.

Bespoke marketing

Clients currently utilising Accelero include members of the travel, publishing/media and automotive industries, including Mitsubishi and Northern Rail.

Occam offers to install Accelero and hand over implementation to the client, or alternatively the company can provide ongoing training and support, depending on the requirements of a business.

“Customer understanding is essential to delivering engaging marketing experiences, and data is the raw fuel that drives it. This has been a fundamental part of Occam’s proposition since our inception over 20 years ago,” said Gary Arnold, head of marketing technology at Occam.

“With Accelero, we have taken our experience in building bespoke, data-driven marketing solutions and created a product that puts data and understanding at the core of its capabilities. We have done this by integrating our single customer view technology with carefully selected software that provides capabilities to understand and interpret customer behaviour, then take action to deliver engaging customer experiences.”