Omni-channel data and tag management provider Ensighten have announced a new service built into its mobile platform to increase marketing agility on mobile and native apps.

App Experience Optimization offers real-time mobile app tagging, allowing marketers to conduct in-app testing and  assess which features of their apps are successful with users and which need further development.

The service also enables marketers to personalise customer website experience using mobile data.

“As we look at the way consumer behavior is shifting, it’s clear apps will serve as the basis for much of the consumer activity across devices,” said founder and CEO of Ensighten, Josh Manion.

“At Ensighten, we are focused on providing marketers with the most robust capabilities to drive one-to-one, omni-channel marketing experiences. App Experience Optimization paves the way for real-time marketing agility in an app-driven world.”

Enhanced ROI

Ensighten Mobile will look to enable marketers to gain insights and to unify data collection directly within apps, boosting loyalty, conversion, engagement and retention through app optimisation for enhanced ROI.

Leading brands currently using Ensighten Mobile include United Airlines, Vivint, Getty Images and RBS.

Miki Seltzer, Senior Customer Analyst of Vivint, a smart home technology provider, commended the new service which has benefitted Vivint with their app development.
“Ensighten helps us deliver analytic insights about our native apps without the time delay and extra development cycles of constantly re-compiling the app,”
This announcement comes at a key time for California-based Ensighten who last week appointed veteran analytics strategist and senior marketing technology leader, Pelin Thorogood as chief strategy officer to head the company’s strategic initiatives and innovation.